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How to find Qibla Direction

Kompas kiblatQibla direction becomes a prerequisite to practice prayer. Wherever Muslims perform religious rites, they must be oriented to the Kaaba in Mecca. Determination of Qibla direction would not matter to them near the Ka’bah. How to verify if it is far from the shrine?

Some time ago on the internet it says Usep Fathudin, former Special Staff of Minister of Religious Affairs, which reveals a variety of directions mecca of mosques in Jakarta. Validity of the direction of a mosque, he said, needs to be achieved before the mosque was built. That’s because it shifts one centimeter could mean deviation distance of 100 kilometers.

Even so, he thinks, 100 percent accuracy the direction of Qibla is not required in the prayer, as mentioned in the Qur’an Surah Al Baqarah verse 144, which ordered them to pray toward mecca. “The words ‘direction’ is interpreted as a maximum effort to direct our prayers to the Kaaba in Mecca,” he explained.

However, attempts to approach the accuracy of direction to a direction can be done in various ways. Usep mentioned, the determination of direction of Qibla Masjid Al Mukhlishun at Griya Depok Asri, Middle Depok, which was founded in 2001, using a small compass in English, with Latin and Arabic writings.

In pointing the direction it was written that for Jakarta and most cities in Indonesia, north of the compass needle should point to the number nine as Qiblah direction.

In fact, the survey did Qiblah direction in a variety of large mosques in Jakarta showed that the use of a compass pointing in different directions at each place of worship, ranging from 7.5, up to nine.

Determination of the direction a direction that is generally used refers to the actual direction of geographic north, which uses the magnetic compass or needle-called “search direction of the Ka’aba.” The direction of the magnetic needle on a compass point on Earth’s magnetic poles at the north pole.

It turned out that the Earth’s magnetic north is different in each city from time to time. This is influenced by Earth’s rotation. Research shows continue to shift toward magnetic north about 4.8 miles per year. In 2005 the shift reaches 800 kilometers from the actual north pole. At the Earth’s magnetic north in 2050 is estimated close to Siberia.

Qibla Locator

Use a compass as Qiblah direction pointer is considered less accurate lately. Recently introduced software contained in the Qibla Locator http://www.qiblalocator.com website.

Qibla Locator Qibla direction or pointer, among others, designed by Ibn Mas’ud software applications using the Google Maps API v2, since 2006. Development and application view and then involving Hamed Zarrabi Zadeh of the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada.

Qibla Locator on the Beta version 0.8.7 series is equipped with geocoding from Yahoo and controller direction on the map image, and zoom level indicator. Until September 2007 produced four Beta version with several additional applications, geocoder, and viewing distance.

Qibla Locator with Google Earth-based is knowable Qibla direction from wherever we are. To find out, at the top of the site is a box to enter the location, address or street name, zip code, and country or the latitude and longitude.

Then on the right side image map will appear magnitude and direction of Qibla, or temple, its distance from the position that we enter the location. This software, according to Thomas Jamaladin, Head Utilization of Atmospheric and Climate Science Institute of Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan) is very helpful to check the direction of Qibla accurately. “This could be a correction mass for the mosques in Indonesia,” he said.

Sun shadow

Thomas, an expert in astronomy and astrophysics, suggests that there is the determination of Qibla direction using the sun shadow. Around the 26 to 30 May at 16:18 pm and 16:27 pm July 13 to 17 o’clock sun was directly above the city of Mecca.

Pada saat itu Matahari yang tampak dari semua penjuru Bumi dapat dijadikan penunjuk lokasi Kabah. Begitu pula bayangan benda tegak pada waktu itu juga dapat menjadi menentu arah ke kiblat.

Selain itu untuk daerah yang tidak mengalami siang, sama dengan Mekkah, waktu yang digunakan adalah saat Matahari di atas titik yang diametral dengan Mekkah. Waktu yang dapat dijadikan patokan penunjuk kiblat untuk wilayah tersebut adalah Matahari pada tanggal 12 hingga 16 Januari pukul 04.30 WIB dan 27 November hingga 1 Desember pukul 04.09 WIB.

Cara ini menurutnya paling mudah untuk mengoreksi arah kiblat, termasuk untuk garis saf di dalam masjid. Begitu mudah sehingga orang awam pun dapat melakukannya.

Sumber: cetak.kompas.com

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