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RAM Saver Pro 9.0

RAM Saver Pro

Easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool that will make your computer run faster. Increasing operating system performance by making more memory available for your applications. RAM Saver Pro will: – defragment system memory for faster access time; – improving the efficiency of your CPU and motherboard; – recover memory leaks from poorly behaved applications. Using these optimization tricks will help your favorite applications and games run faster and more efficiently – even on older computers.

The main program features: – System Tray monitor; – Desktop RAM monitor; – Desktop CPU Usage monitor; – specialized Control Panel; – professional memory monitoring; – flexible memory optimization with complete statistics output; – RAM benchmark test; – monitoring and control over processes that take place in the memory; – increase your chances of making a shortcut; – Common and advanced options; – automatic and intelligent optimization; – fast running tool; – forced to clean the Clipboard; – possibility to close all programs for full memory release by one click ; – control over Windows uptime; – suppressing and fast running a screen saver; – check the existence of the disk in the CD-ROM when the computer is turned off; – manipulating with desktop icons; – forced to shut down and restart the computer; – quick access to Control Panels ; …

Come on let me try the software your computer faster …

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  1. 4 February 2010 at 10:00 PM

    boleh juga, ane coba n’ ijin sedot gan……

  2. arif
    1 March 2010 at 8:42 PM

    wah bro,bsa dijlasin ga cra instal ni AV bitdefender total security 2010//

    • 2 March 2010 at 6:53 PM

      sebenarnya sih secara detail aq agak lupa, karena udah gak pake Bitdefender lagi. males soalnya suka block wkt mau internetan.

      cara instalnya sudah ada di crack nya, coba buka readme. tp singkatnya seperti dibawah ini:

      1. Instal (bitdefender_totalsecurity_2010_32b.exe) setelah selesai jangan di restart dulu.

      2. Jalankan crack > click year 2047 dan restart komputer kamu.

      3. Menyesuaikan pengaturan BD, update, dan melakukan scan penuh komputermu.

      4. Untuk menghapus TR, klik saja . The uninstall akan mengkonversi BD kembali ke 30-hari versi trial. (Kamu harus meng-uninstall TR dan restart komputer sebelum menghapus yang BitDefender itu sendiri. JIKA anda tidak, BD akan menghasilkan laporan bug.)

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