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Download Songs Blackout – Goodbye – Letoy

Azizi – Vocal
Ega – Lead Guitar
Rere – Drum
Iwan Xaverius – Bass
Sastro – Keyboard

Band in this one may say the new surface. Notation melayu song that dominated the Indonesian music industry makes me bored, not excited, ordinary aja ah.

Rock n roll bandage with steady breathing blues vocals made me immediately “hit” since the first hearing in one of the national television broadcasting music events nationwide. Yet after my hunting other numbers do not quite rock, rock, some pop instead tend nge. like in the song is always there, beautiful people and the risk of a second.
But vocalnya strong character, macho but sexy, just Joss. Create songs with lyrics languish even lightly (like a song melo) so sound contained. Who make cool, feel-feel of their contents, guitar kek, kek bass, drums kek, not fully enforced. Looks like they tried to keep the best possible harmony like pop songs. But it did not also be making his songs lose weight. Favorites Letoy.Rock n rollnya goodbye and kicking the boss … Video clip is also cool, especially the title song letoy, beautiful girlfriend, so fresh clay .. hahah ..

Calibaration have calibaration, turned out to players who formed the band are old men. Like Rere (formerly Grass rock, one rock drummer in respect), there are also Iwan Xaverius (never played for Edane, Jet Liar, IX’s) and then Sastro, keyboardist additional band (Power Metal). The child is now of course the vocalist and EGA Azizi’s new guitarist, 19 yrs old! See …!!! Very satisfied with the output Blackout songs. cool ……

Download the song Blackout –  GoodbyeLetoy

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