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Make beautiful Firefox with Personas

What are Personas?

Personas easy-to-install, easy to use themes that change the look of your Firefox web browser. There are thousands of Personas to choose from, with more added every day. Click here to visit the gallery Personas and start looking for designs that fit with your style.
What do I need to use the Personas?

In less than 60 seconds, you can install the Persona and change the look of your Firefox web browser. Just go here and click on the green download button. After installation, you will be asked to immediately restart Firefox. Personas Once installed, you will be able to choose and change the selected Persona anytime by simply clicking the little fox mask in the lower left corner of your browser window or by visiting the gallery and choose a different design.
How do I cancel Persona design?

To cancel your design recently selected, click on the little fox in the lower left corner of your browser, click the “Recently elected” and your design used previously. If you choose not to have a Persona design (ie, gray chrome), click on the little foxes and select “Default.”
Can I create my own persona design?

Absolutely! What you need to do is create two graphics files in your favorite graphics editing program (eg, Photoshop). To get started, read more about how to create a Persona.

Persona Header * See example here.
* See sample Persona header as seen in XP, Vista, and OSX.

  • Must-dimensional width 200px x height 3000px
  • PNG or JPG file format
  • Soft, smooth and best gradient contrast images

  • A very detailed picture will compete with the browser UI
  • Firefox can reveal more bottom of the image if an extension or add other toolbars or other UI elements to the top of the window
  • The right hand side picture must have the most important information – as users increase the width of the browser window, browser reveal more than the left side of the picture

  • mages must be no larger than 300KB in filesize
  • Image above 3000px x 200px will not be approved
  • Never use the artwork / logos / photography that you do not have the legal

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