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“Doomsday” It’s not 2012 but 2013

LAPAN (National Aeronautics and Space Agency) estimates that the solar storm cycle peak occurred in 2012 instead. The event that is often linked with the ‘doomsday’ was going to happen in October 2013.

This was conveyed by Head of Application and Magnet Antarika Geomagnet Lapan Clara Yono Yantini on the socialization of Space Weather Phenomena 2012 until 2015 at the campus of Udayana University, Jl Sudirman, Denpasar, Tuesday (09/03/2010). Socialization is attended by dozens of scientists from Southeast Asia, Japan and Russia.

This estimate is different from the issue in 2012 that predicted doomsday Maya Tribe. Society too many menghubungjan between solar storm in 2012 with the issue of Resurrection.

“Cycle of the sun occurs in the timeframe 2010-2015. Puncak cycle, according to estimates Lapan, occurred in October 2013. Research by other countries also suggests that occurs in mid-2013,” said Clara, who is also a researcher of the Sun and Space Lapan.

Lapan explain the solar storm will resign in 2013 because until recently had not found signs of extreme solar activity as the peak of the cycle.

Solar cycle occurred on average about 11 years. This cycle indicates the existence of early, peak and end of the cycle. Today, the sun was having to cycle 24. Currently, the peak of solar activity in solar explosions.

“It’s certainly affecting the weather conditions antarika, including causing disturbances on Earth,” said Clara.

Effects of solar activity peak is causing climate change. Earth’s temperature will rise and climate change. Solar particles penetrating the layers of the earth’s atmosphere will affect the earth’s weather and climate. The most extreme impact of causing drought. “It is still studied by researchers,” said Clara.

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