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Monitor tech LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Some time ago, producers of new product release LCD TVs that are LED TV is quite impressive. Apparently technology products with LED (Light Emitting Diode) will soon be followed also by the manufacturer to replace the computer monitor using LCD technology (Liquid Crystal Display). As we knew before technology, technology, LCD monitors replace CRT (Cathode-Ray Tube) monitors are considered to be less wasteful of energy and environmentally friendly. Likewise with LED monitors are expected to give the changes to the use of more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly to human life from day kehari deteriorating. Many of the benefits generated by the LED screen compared to LCD monitors, which are:

Ability to produce detailed images of finer and more perfect than the LCD monitor. During the LCD monitor is much complained of by the computer user who works as a graphic designer, namely the ability of images generated by the LCD was not as smooth as the picture produced by a CRT monitor. Now this matter is rectified by the LED monitor, so that later a graphic designer can choose the LED screen as the media works.
Higher color depth than LCD monitors up to almost its original color.
Contrast ratio is high enough compared with the LCD monitor comparison, for example up to 1 million: 1
Do not use ingredients that are harmful to the environment, one of them no longer using electronic materials that contain mercury.
Because the use of LEDs, certainly does not produce flicker (blink) more often (termed as the “flicker free”)
LED lighting is produced by the more stable compared with LCD, so that the stability of light and color, as well as sharp can be maintained over the monitor is used.
Consumption of energy used fewer (40% more efficient) than the LCD monitors that still uses a light-emitting fluorescent lamps.
Age LED lamp longer or have a longer lifetime compared to LCD monitors.
LED LCD monitors compared with the monitor will have a lighter weight, besides that its thickness will be thinner as well.

Some computer manufacturers are already using this technology include Philips, Samsung, LG and Benq. Certainly in line with the rapid development of technology, producers of other brand computing devices, especially the monitor will soon follow as well. For the Indonesian market, Benq is one product that introduced the first use of LED monitors. Products – product monitors using LED technology is emerging for products in class size monitors 19 “and above, while there has been no specific brands that use LED technology in class 15” or 16 “. Another famous producer who monitors the monitor to market quickly with Philips LED technology is no longer products with LED technology, the monitor will be available soon on our hands, starting with the monitor LED 19 ”

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Widayana Kurniawan

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