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Because of the similarity of names, Blogger So Victim Lawsuit

TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta – A blogger Sony aka Sony Arianto Kurniawan AK became victims because of the lawsuit against his name in common with electronics companies in Japan.

Sony AK as the owner of the site named Sony AK Knowledge Center (www.sony-ak.com) was sued by Sony Corporation, Japan through its legal counsel in Indonesia. In fact, the site was in-register under the original name of its founder; Sony AK.

The site contains a wealth of information science and technology

very beneficial for the wider community. Sony AK itself through its site had been

is clearly mentioned that his site as a private media to share the knowledge that has been online since 2003.

Now the question arises, whether Sony AK should change his name because it is identical with an electronics company’s brand? Then, if later on we could all be uprooted from our own behalf when there was the same brand with our name?

Social media activists who are also bloggers, Wicaksono said, Sony Corporation, Japan as big companies do not need a lawsuit to the court in the case. According to him, the lawsuit does not deserve posted to people who do not intend to hurt Sony Corporation, Sony AK like that.

“Outrageous if sued to court. Mending even bought it,” said Wicak, Friday (12 / 3).

Sony AK Wicak rate did not mean to disturb or deceptive especially

to aim to kill the business of Sony Corporation had made it through the site.

He continued, Sony AK should immediately prepare lawyers also due to being sued because of these problems. Sony AK also better maintain that site. “Sony Corporation should be more wise in view of this case,” he said.

Furthermore Wicak example, how for instance say if there are people whose names Toyota Santoso and create a site using his own name. “Is Toyota the company will also conduct a lawsuit?” Wicak firm.

Concerning the case of common names, in the Law Number 11 Year 2008

Information and Electronic Transactions (ITE) are also no rules. “Law enforcement should be more clear in our view these cases are like this,” he said Wicak.

Basuki Rahmat

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