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Swimming Bath King of Majapahit Found

SURABAYA POST – Swimming is strongly suspected as a bathing place of the kings found Nglinguk residents in the hamlet, village / subdistrict Trowulan, Mojokerto regency.

This historic site is found Ruskan (63) on the back of his house accidentally. This grandfather was digging the land for the production of bricks when he found an ancient brick building.

Currently, Ruskan already succeeded in opening the pool up to size 7 x 6 meters with a depth of nearly three meters. It was clear if the building is a special building with architectural style of royal luxury.

These findings attracted the attention of the Secretary of Director General (Setditjen) History and Antiquities Ministry of Culture and Tourism, March 11, 2010.

Plt Head of the Archaeological Heritage Preservation (BP3) Trowulan Soviani Aris said, from several times a study conducted at the location it findings, obtained some conclusions. One of them, his party believed that ancient buildings were the findings Shop bathing pool.

“We’ve been several times in the preliminary study of the building is visible,” explained Tom Soviani.

Swimming He called special. Because views of buildings and architects, the pool’s top brass of the kingdom. According to him, the building was similar to swimming in the Rat Temple. “Expected strong, the pond is owned by the King of Majapahit,” he said.

Report: Bambang Sujarwanto

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