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Russia, 35 Scholarship Offer

VIVAnews – In the 2010/2011 academic year the Russian Federation Government provides 35 scholarships to nationals of the Republic of Indonesia. Scholarships are awarded for level S-1 (Bachelor) and S-2 (Master) as much as 25 scholarships. While for the Level S-3 (Kandidatura), Post-Doctoral (Doktorantura) as many as 10 scholarships.

The program of study (specialization) is offered, including Law, Political Science, Medicine, Natural Sciences (Natural Science), Social Sciences / Humanities; Science Education; Health Sciences (Public Health); Economics and Management (Economic and Management); Specialization Interdisciplinary Engineering, Natural Sciences, Geology and Mineral Resources Mineral Exploration, Energy Science and Power Engineering (Power Machinery Engineering); Metallurgy; Construction Machinery and Materials Processing; Flight, Rocket and Space Technology (Machinery Space).

Then, Maritime Technology (Maritime Machinery); Land Transport Equipment; Mining Technology and Equipment; Electrical Engineering, Building Control Device; Radioteknik and Communications; Automation and Control, Computer and Information Technology Service; Exploitation of Transportation; Chemical Technology; Reproduction and Process Resources Forestry, Food Technology; Technology Commodity Consumer Science Architecture and Construction; Geodesy and Cartography; Agriculture and Fisheries, Ecology and Nature Utilization; Health and Safety.

Higher Education or a university to study there in cities throughout the Russian Federation. Placement of the scholarship recipients is determined by the Government of the Russian Federation.

Teaching and learning process conducted in Russian. For it was during the first (one) year all awardees course the S-1, and S-2 will be studied at the Faculty Preparation (Preparatory Faculty) to learn Russian and other subjects in accordance with department / program has been selected.

For Grantee Level S-3, Doktorantura will study the Russian language during the learning process (not through the Faculty Preparation).

File a complete application must be submitted directly to the Cultural Section Embassy of the Russian Federation – Center for Science and Culture of Russia in Jalan Diponegoro, 12, Menteng, Central Jakarta, before the date of March 26, 2010.

For more information, contact the Center for Science and Culture of Russia in number (021) 31935290 or e-mail: pipkrusia@gmail.com.

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