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Brain Cancer Prevention Vaccine

VIVAnews – * All That disease attacks the brain, the effect is very scary indeed. Not only can cause permanent disability but also death. Especially if the brain function set + All The ITU esophageal cancer nerve.

Brain cancer to prevent the article, vaccine developed by New Articles Sebuah experimenting ON Sebuah a brain tumor patient. Patients Who Named Karen Preston Robert Tisch Vaneman visit the Brain Tumor Center At Duke University, Amerika States, the first Sunday of EACH month to give blood article Botol Small 21.

Suffered Vaneman brain cancer known as prayer years ago, he was brought to the emergency room because he felt weak and his left hand was crippled. Doctors at the ITU ia Danijel suffered a heart attack of stroke. Examination of taxable income is known, that the IA had Danijel GBM glioblastoma, the type of brain cancer is a common fence.

Cancer is actually the type of things that can cause fatal but Preston Robert Tisch dari team had the idea for the article lie about it. Vaneman was undergoing surgery and intensive care post-liabilities.

“There Vaneman posts lying conditions akan doctor may tell the REST of six to nine Life Month, maybe BECAUSE One Year Danijel disease can not be cured. But we say that the ITU New articles can be cured effort And The Self-confidence of patients,” said chief Robert Preston Tisch Brain Tumor Center, Dr. Henry Friedman, as quoted dari VIVAnews Livestrong.

Vaneman was given intensive treatment given new article additions subscribe Pfizer Vaccines produced. ITU vaccine CDX-110 Named to contact the Attorney for the article to prevent disease. In contrast, vaccine triggers immune response, the malicious attack cancer cells. Vaccines Specifically, dididapatkan dari EGFRviii (EGFR Three factors), protein Yaitu The AT found 40 percent of tumor cells.

Dr John Sampson, the surgeon who developed a vaccine to help, explaining that using the vaccine to the immune response article makes the team more specific. “Unlike chemotherapy, it feels very sick BECAUSE of dividing cells in the body, radiation Danijel, vaccine is effective: P Husband And precision is more appropriate,” said Dr. John Sampson.

Husbands vaccine later can make the patient is not cancer, brain cancer could only live longer. Cancer Cells Can Too reduced destroyed Danijel New Articles Which way too much pain compared to no chemotherapy. (Lia)Lia)

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