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Safety program for adultery

VIVAnews – Do not want to get caught cheating, such as the famous golfer Tiger Woods? A telecom technology company in the United States (U.S.) has a new recipe for those who hooked an affair or “flirty-genitan” with another dream through the exchange of messages via phone, SMS alias. Latest technology that is TigerText. Like the scene in the movie Mission Impossible, an SMS message sent to someone who has vanished from memory can phone in minutes or seconds, depending on the user’s tastes. That message could even disappear from the recipient’s mobile phone SMS, of course, after reading. Courses TigerText since last week, March 11, 2010, began to be marketed to foreign countries by companies creator, X Sigma Partners. According to Sigma Partners X boss, Jeffrey Evans, TigerText program can only be used on the iPhone and Android phones. Then why the product was using the name Tiger, is there any relation to Tiger Woods – who was troubled because the number of women playing unfaithful? Evans was also straightened prejudice. “We deliberately use the name Tiger (tiger / tiger), because the tiger’s a difficult animal to track,” Evans said. Once introduced, TigerText received overwhelming response. According to Time magazine , TigerText uploaded 100,000 times each week. Since early March, the program is the most popular iPhone application number three. According to Evans, the creation of applications that the company aims to protect user privacy. “Many people now prefer to send SMS. But sometimes there are the messages they send can be a boomerang for them,” Evans said. According to him, this program is useful for users who are looking for better jobs. Could have been one occasion in question became careless and send SMS messages to friends about the middle of the recruitment selection interview he lived, when he himself was working elsewhere. Evans’s motive is a little absurd. However, for the observer, the program could become a powerful tool for those who had an affair with another man or woman. “This program helped them to an affair but do not want to get caught,” the assessment of the daily pages of The Huffington Post. Not only that, “The service is easier to oblique, send an insult that can be regretted later, or send a message to the assassin without worrying that your message has been sent to attack you back,” wrote a blogger at CNET Chris Matyszczyk. Try if TigerText have emerged since early last year, Tiger Woods might not revealed the affair.

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