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Cute Smile Icon Collection

The term icon has been adapted from Russian, which is ‘icon’, which means religion, painting or sculpture. In the context of computing the word is used to refer to a small image that stores ‘meaning’.  In particular, an icon is the symbol or graphic representation of a program, resources, state, or window option. Therefore, the icon forms an important part of the graphical user interface.  Along with technology improvements that have occurred in computer hardware and software during the last few years (especially in connection with the handling of graphics) the use of icons in graphical user interfaces have become very popular. ‘Hour Glass’ and ‘Trash Can’ for example, now is the example most familiar to users of Windows and Macintosh.  Indeed, as a result of this popularity a number of different types of icons has been developed. Currently, some of the most popular new is the development of ‘picons’, ‘micons’ and ‘earcons’.  Picons basically the icon that embed an image (as opposed to symbols).  Similarly, consisting of micons moving pictures or video clips.  Earcons, or associated with an icon, based on the use of sound and sonic are usually embedded in the sequence.

Written above is a glimpse of info about the icon, now aq want to smile-for collection of funny icons.

To see the collection  please click here

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