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Not Condoms Regular

VIVAnews – there are no limits to creativity, including in terms of designing a condom. Without loosing its main function as a means of sexual safety, a wide range of condoms designed to increase the sensation of sex.

Here are four of the eight most unique model of condoms in circulation in various countries.

1. Musical Condoms

Condoms are equipped with a miniature speaker and motion sensors are planted on the edges. Condoms will be issued to music users automatically during sexual intercourse.

Volume of music depending on the intensity of movements and positions of lovemaking. Limitations of this condom is the sound quality is low, similar to monophonik tone phone. Tests have shown there is no danger of electric shock to users.

2. Glow in the Dark Condoms

Love Light condom phosphorus that is casting light in the atmosphere can be dark. Condoms are available in two packages of 6 or 12 packages. Prices for the package amounted to € 8.45 and 6 to 12 packages valued at € 14.95.

In order to shine when used in the dark condoms are necessary to get the light for 30 seconds. Ray strength condoms can last for 15 minutes. However, heating the tail can persist for many hours.

3. Condoms Whisky

This safety device called a scent similar McCondom whiskey. Only, the smell did not affect the taste. Lubricant £ 2.12 worth of condoms was not taste like whiskey, but the scent can evoke an atmosphere of lovemaking.

4. Condom Ruler

Condom named ‘Condometricis’ can be used to measure the length of male penis. Condoms are equipped with measuring figures such as rulers. Condometric first is prophylaxis, which can measure the length and showed him a vital tool, and help show the real size.

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    ada kondo rasa arak nda io? kalo ade boleh gak hahaha

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