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Other Areas, Other His Noodle

Not wrong if we call noodles as Indonesian cuisine. In Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival which is held from May 12 to 23 in Kelapa Gading, there is a row of stores noodles from various regions throughout the archipelago.

Although the same main ingredient, but the condiments and toppings that are used vary, in accordance with typical foods of each region. Let’s see what kind of noodle that stretched from Sabang to Merauke, plus the uniqueness of each noodle!

1. Mie Aceh

Like the food from the local Malays, Mie Aceh many uses of spices and chilies. Hokkien noodles are used, mixed with spices like rendang gravy, make a thick reddish berkuah noodle dish.

2. Mie Palembang

Typical area of South Sumatra Mie mie celor named, namely dicelor noodles (mixed) with bean sprouts, plus a mixture of shrimp and coconut sauce and served with eggs, shrimp, and onion.

3. Mie Bangka

Bangka noodle specialty is the use of a lot of sprouts, and know why, a type of meatball know typical areas of Bangka. Almost similar is the Mie Mie Bangka Belitung. However Mie Belitung using shrimp instead of fish fillet.

4. Java Noodles

Java is an egg noodle noodle soup boiled with chicken broth, mixed with cabbage and egg. Another form of noodle soup Java Java is a fried noodle, which will be pan-fried noodles with garlic and other seasonings before watering soup broth.

5. Mie Jakarta

Mie Jakarta is more often known as a noodle Juhi. As the name suggests, boiled egg noodles that have been presented with a piece of Juhi, cabbage, risol, tomato and sauce poured.

6. Skipjack tuna noodle

Galway is famous for the sea food. No wonder the menu of noodles from this region also has a typical fish dish, which skipjack fish. Noodle dishes which are cooked with tuna will be served with gravy and sprinkled abon skipjack. Do not forget, so it’s more ‘Manado’, noodles eaten with sambel super spicy, namely green chilies mixed with vinegar, water and salt.

7. Dried noodles Makasar

Although called dry noodles, this dish from Makassar still served with soup. Dried noodle recipes inspired menu I Fu Mie ala Tionghoa, where small noodles will dry roasted first and then doused with a thick sauce containing vegetables and meat.

Of course there are many more other types of noodles-noodles from all over the country who have not registered here. Maybe you want to share the recipes of noodles from your area?

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