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Sorry, that was pretty Prohibited Employment Apply

VIVAnews – In the midst of the high number of job seekers, the company usually tightened meets for potential employees. Similarly, job seekers who conducted site BeautifulJobSeekers.com. Unfortunately, not a major skill or experience, but her sexual attractiveness.

This job search site dedicated to those who have the appearance of attractive, pretty or handsome. Through photographs and personal data are uploaded, each applicant will be vying to grab votes or support from our visitors.

As quoted from the page of Shine, the concept of the chosen site is backed studies showing the relationship between the appearance of an employee and work status. As a study recently carried out a team from the University of Florida.

“We found that those who paid higher attractive-looking,” said Timothy Judge, author of the study. “The people who valued good looks can make more money, better educated and more confident.”

A poll conducted in the UK to more than 2000 companies have also found that a manager is likely to provide position or job promotions to employees who are pretty or handsome.

As many as 88 percent of respondents who were interviewed acknowledged that they have several stages of selection of employees based on attraction rather than expertise and experience. While 92 percent of respondents said that the appearance of influencing the decisions prospective employee recruitment department. (JN)

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